Austin's Caroline Sallee aka Caroline Says follows up one of our favorite songs of the year -- the softly sparkling "Sweet Home Alabama", thankfully not a Skynyrd cover -- with another absolutely lovely track from her forthcoming album No Fool Like An Old Fool, due next month on Western Vinyl. The breezy "I Tried" is both lilting and heartbreaking at once, as Sallee's wistfully nostalgic lament for better times is buoyed by that enchanting bossa nova shuffle, radiating warm and fuzzy Astrud Gilberto vibes. Caroline tells us about the song's inspiration:

When I was in college, I worked at a grocery store where a former celebrity would shop and he’d bring bodyguards with him even though no one at the grocery store cared to bother him. I became fascinated with the idea of someone transitioning from celebrity to has-been and what it must feel like to know your prime is behind you. “I Tried” is from the perspective of a washed up Hollywood actress, remembering her careless youth. - Caroline Sallee

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