"Each song on Hidden Lands contains a sample of every other song on the album." Sounds like a potentially ill-advised gimmick regarding the new record from Fort Collins, Colorado's Candy Claws, but repeat listens to the glowing Hidden Lands reveal an incredibly lush, enveloping soundtrack for warm summer nights. If the swirling, shuffling dreamscape "Silent Time of Earth" sounds like something created by mystical woodland creatures, I think that was the intent: the record is "a musical companion to Robert Ketchum's The Secret Life of the Forest" (the group wrote the lyrics by running selections from the book through Translation Party). You're going to want to break out the headphones for this one.

Hidden Lands is out August 3 on Twosyllable. Also recommended: check the group's blog, where you can see "the visual side" of their music. Here's another one from the new album: