"Low-end might be associated with thunder, or the sound of a mother's heartbeat as heard from inside the womb, or an approaching stampede, or earthquake. Low-end generally indicates something bigger and more powerful than you"Botany

Dimming Awe, The Light is Raw is the expansive new full-length from DFW native and current Austin resident Spencer Stephenson, aka Botany. The record feels like a widescreen sci-fi excursion, recalling the the more adventurous leanings of FlyLo, Boards of Canada, King Britt's latest Fhloston Paradigm release, and the Leaving Records crew (Leaving leader matthewdavid lends his vocals to album highlight "Glow Up"). We're psyched to premiere the booming, psychedelic lead single "Jotu", an ominous, warm and absolutely thunderous track that works as a perfect intro to the record's glorious synthesis of dusty hip-hop vibes and cosmic free jazz spirit (if you're feeling this one, wait until you hear the mind warping 6-minute mini-epic "Bad CGI"). Dimming Awe, The Light is Raw is out September 18 on Western Vinyl.