What does it even mean to describe a sound as "vibey"? We're not sure, but we know it when we hear it. Anyway, that's one of the key descriptors from noted purveyor of vibes 100% Silk's press release for Nightmare, the new record from Long Beach, California's Bludwork. And like the hazy, reflective new-age house coming out of Vancouver's Mood Hut crew or their fellow coastal Canadian label/collective 1080p, Bludwork's stuff is nothing if not vibey. The young producer makes warm, emotive dance music inspired by "gospel, southern rap, and rejection," or as he puts it more specifically, by the “beautiful chords that warm my heart from soul and gospel records my dad used to play when I was young”. Listen to the drifting, nostalgia-tinged lead single "Axiom Voicings" below, and look for Nightmare to drop September 30th via 100% Silk: