Bay Area pianist (and touring keyboardist for Toro y Moi) Anthony Ferraro, aka Astronauts, etc. shares another beautiful new track from his forthcoming LP Living In Symbol, "an ode to the unknown future", co-produced by Chaz Bear of Toro Y Moi. "The Room" is a lilting, exotica-tinged waltz, its dreamy weightlessness and lush instrumentation transporting us out of place and time, as Ferraro stoically tells a timeless and poignant cautionary tale about retreating to the "safety and familiarity" of dark spaces. Anthony talks about the meaning of "The Room":

Addiction, depression, unhealthy love, bad ideology. They're all rooms that can start to feel like home, with its safety and familiarity, if you spend enough time in them. I wrote this song while watching my good friend try and fail to leave such a room. I hoped to represent both sides in the song - the comfort, even euphoria, of being in the room, and the dread of realizing you may never leave.

There are nice rooms, too, but this song isn't about those."

Living in Symbol is out July 27th on Toro y Moi's label Company Records.