Like just about everyone else, we were introduced to incomparable Taipei rapper Aristophanes 貍貓 via her scene-stealing turn on the new Grimes record, and we immediately hit up the rapper's soundcloud to hear more of her entrancing, one-of-a-kind flow. Today, we're psyched to premiere Aristophanes' first new material since her appearance on Art Angels, in the form of the first track to be unveiled from her stellar forthcoming debut EP/mixtape, No Rush To Leave Dreams. While certainly less deliriously intense than "Scream", new jam "Dreams of Caves" — which features vocals from Tien and production from Tokyo-based producer Hamacide — maintains Aristophanes' enigmatic, vaguely menacing aura, and her flow remains tight and thoroughly hypnotic, even if we don't know what she's saying. Hit us up if you can translate. No Rush To Leave Dreams is out soon. Cover art by Zihling: