Animal Collective's new Monkey Been to Burn Town remix EP is out later this month on Domino, featuring new re-imaginations from Gang Gang Dance, Teengirl Fantasy, Traxman, and most importantly, as far as we're concerned, this towering, dystopian monolith of a remix by the great Shabazz Palaces, who deconstruct Centipede Hz standout "New Town Burnout" and send its remnants hurtling into space. There's also a brilliant encrypted verse from the Palaceer, who -- despite being the most underrated rapper on the planet for most of the past 20+ years -- is probably from the future. Monkey Been To Burn Town is out May 28; pre-order the limited 12" here and get instant downloads of both the GGD + Shabazz remixes.


In related news, Shabazz Palaces play the Granada Theater in Dallas tonight with THEEsatisfaction; get tickets here. This happened last time they rolled through: