Brooklyn's Nicole Schneit aka Air Waves shares the gorgeous album-closing reverie from her excellent new record Warrior, out next month on Austin label Western Vinyl. Although the dreamy, vaguely Beach House-esque "Blue Fire" is about change and all the anxiety that it can create, there's a poignant hopefulness here that tends to just radiate from all of Air Waves' best songs. Schneit seems to be calmly tapping into an inner peace and strength during an uncertain and pretty scary time, and that's a beautiful and reassuring thing. Nicole tells us about the dreams that inspired the song:

"The beginning of the song is based on dreams, they are lines from dreams. After the election this year I felt anxious and this song is about change and how we would deal with it. It's about having both calm and anxiety ridden dreams. My partner at the time woke up telling me she had a dream that she punched a guy that tried to bother me, and I had a dream that she was angry someone took her food away. We were trying to protect each other.

I was reading a book of Adrienne Rich poems, called "The Will to Change," when I wrote this and one of the lines in it was about fire and flames growing and shrinking, turning to blue. My dreams at this time felt similiar to that poem. My band mate and collaborator Blake Luley also moved to Seattle, so its about change in many regards. He came up with the music for this."

Warrior is out April 6th.