A bit obsessed with and slightly shaken by this haunting new patten track, taken from his forthcoming LP Mirage FM, "the 1st album fully made from text-to-audio AI samples." I won't pretend to understand exactly how that shit works, but I believe it's similar to the DALL-E 2 technology that director Felix Geen untilized in creating Mag Bay's incredible "Dreamcatching" vid, only with audio (i.e., the user inputs a written description and the software generates the corresponding sound, although I'm sure there's more to it than that). According to the album bio, patten's experimental process resulted in "everything from heartfelt AM radio ballads, out-there jazz excursions, peak time dance breakdowns and stargazing electronics", and lead single "Fly" has such a nostalgic, eerily familiar uncanny-valley-type vibe that it could almost fit in perfectly on this year's modern yacht rock mix. Mirage FM is coming in April, pre-order the album here + check the self-directed AI vid for "Fly" below: