It's already been a bountiful year for diehard Panda Bear fans like us, with the release of his beautiful LP Buoys and his bumping new single "Playing the Long Game", and today, Noah Lennox blesses us again with a Halloween gift in the form of a long-awaited digital version of last year's sweet, previously vinyl-only A Day With the Homies EP. Each track was newly mixed for the digital release by Rusty Santos, and comes complete with a video from Panda Bear's regular collaborator Danny Perez, which will be familiar to anyone who's seen Panda Bear perform these tracks live in the past year or so. Noah Lennox says of the release:

"Danny and I have talked for a while about trying to make something together that reflects what we do at the shows and because Homies is a favorite of his, I thought the streaming release of it might be a good place to do so. We hope you all enjoy it and our best to you and yours. happy halloween..."