Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never shares the incredible first foray into his new full-length, Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, coming October 30th on Warp. "Drive Time" Suite, comprising the first 3 tracks of the LP -- "Cross Talk I", "Auto & Allo", and "Long Road Home" -- is gorgeous and dizzyingly transfixing, and it's beaming with the kind of transportive, otherworldly allure that makes OPN the GOAT. Listen + find the full Magic Oneohtrix Point Never tracklist below, and pre-order the record on transparent orange vinyl here:

01. “Cross Talk I”
02. “Auto & Allo”
03. “Long Road Home”
04. “Cross Talk II”
05. “I Don’t Love Me Anymore”
06. “Bow Ecco”
07. “The Whether Channel”
08. “No Nightmares”
09. “Cross Talk III”
10. “Tales From The Trash Stratum”
11. “Answering Machine”
12. “Imago”
13. “Cross Talk IV” / “Radio Lonelys”
14. “Lost But Never Alone”
15. “Shifting”
16. “Wave Idea”
17. “Nothing’s Special”