nite jewel

L.A.'s Nite Jewel records her otherwordly, wilfully lo-fi dance jams "solely on portable 8-track cassette deck, often composing her songs by layered tape edits." The results sound like a perfect, hazy union between the sweetly bizarre experimental avant-pop of her friends Ariel Pink and Tickley Feather, and the dreamy cosmic disco of Italians Do It Better heroes Glass Candy and Chromatics. Or something not too far from that, anyway. Of course, she's also been described as sounding like Debbie Deb if she " a xanax script and drank a ton of cough syrup," so let's just go with that.

("Chimera" mp3 via one of my new favorite daily reads, No Pain in Pop.)

Nite Jewel has a split double-12" single with Glass Candy coming out next month on Italians Do It Better. Her Good Evening LP is due November 1 on Human Ear Music.



sibylle baier

Back in early 2006, I became enamored with with a mostly unknown German folk singer -- who hadn't recorded in over 30 years -- by the name of Sibylle Baier. Her stunning and almost uncomfortably intimate Colour Green LP (recorded in the early '70s and released for the first time in '06 ) was one of my favorite releases of that year, and still gets quite a bit of play around here. I wasn't counting on any new material from her, but her son recently posted a brand new song from Ms. Baier, written for an upcoming Wim Wenders film. Take a listen here.