With his new LP SIRENS, Nicolas Jaar just dropped one of the year's best and most politically timely records. The Quietus says of the new album:

"Drawing together swaths of varying musical and political source material, Sirens seems to paint a bleak, and sometimes even surreal picture of the human condition...Not just a testament to Jaar’s uncanny ability to unify disparate musical influences, Sirens’ subtle yet incisive politics cut deep into our divided post-Brexit, Trump-riddled world."

Jaar will be here in TX tomorrow night for a rare Dallas live performance at the Granada Theater, and the venue is giving away tickets + a signed vinyl copy of the new record here. Check out the terrifying and prescient album-closing doo-wop jam "History Lesson" below, and as always, if you're the type that never wins these things, you can still buy tix here.