Saguenay, Quebec's Josianne Boivin aka MUNYA continues to regale us with her endlessly charming and dreamy "new synth folk" on "If I'm Gone Tomorrow (It's Because of Aliens)", her first release sung in English. The song's title was inspired by Josie's lifelong fear of aliens -- “Independence Day really messed me up as a child,” she says -- and it's a disarmingly sweet breakup song that finds MUNYA embellishing her magical dream-pop with some otherworldly, softly shimmering psychedelic vibes. To echo NYLON's sentiments in their premiere of the track earlier today, "If you aren't already obsessed with Quebecois singer MUNYA, you're about to be."

MUNYA's perfect Delmano mini-EP is out October 5th on Luminelle.