Here's another sleekly hypnotic jam from Young Galaxy's Shapeshifting LP, which drops next month on Paper Bag. As the backstory goes, the band entrusted Dan Lissvik of Studio with the demos for the new record, and then didn't get to hear what he was up to for 9 months:

"We thought it would take a month. But what happened was we started having these lengthy conversations with Dan on skype where we could hear the tiniest bit of a song in the background, so there was some dialogue. It was torture in some ways but it was also like 'Let's just throw this up in the air and see how it lands.'"

Turns out YG picked the right dude, though, as Lissvik's helped transform these songs into sexy and sprawling (and occasionally uplifting, in the case of "We Have Everything") disco-tinged pop daydreams:

Shapeshifting is out February 8 on Paper Bag, with a limited edition 180g white vinyl version to follow in March. Pre-order here.