Breezy, hazed summer vibes abound on this amazing hour-and-a-half long mix that Peaking Lights put together for us, featuring sounds that (presumably) influenced the band's brilliant new album, 936. The band says:

"this here is a party prep, works good after morning coffee too, or during an afternoon chillin session, it spans from the 50's to the 90''s all about listening and there's some far out jams on here! hope you's dig!"

If you're feeling these jams, make sure to check out Peaking Lights' new record store archive blog GOLDEN RECORDS to download some incredible out-of-print 45s and other impossibly rare obscurities from their collection (these Brooks Arthur Ensemble songs, for example, are great). Download the mix below, and check out the tracklist after the jump...

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aswad - hey jah children
mandril - kofijam
gabor szabo - krishna
bridget st. john - yep
dick schory - typee
the firebirds - reflections
the chieftones - i wonder
cappy lewis - bull fight
donald austin - crazy legs
david axelrod - the leading citizen pt.1
asiko - drums of asiko
seguida - afro rican suite
supergrupo magia - magico
paris - i choose you
ronnie mcneir - summertime
mel + tim - that's the way i want to live my life
delegation - oh honey
rose royce - sunrise
sylvester - i need somebody to love tonight
alexander robotnik - problems d'amour
beetlejuice - version
tanto + devonte - version
L. smart - version
negus roots players - lost sheep dub
willy williams - armigedon time
third world all stars - version
janet kay - loving you