"100% Silk begs and pleads for all things Octo – that eight-sided honest octagon: sweet, sad, shy, hopeful, blissful, light, lifting, longing."

Here's a new deep house track from Octo Octa, taken from his excellent Oh Love 12", out next month on L.A. "diamond-life dance & bliss-disco & basement luxury grooves" label 100% Silk. Like his Amerie-sampling 2011 hit "I'm Trying," "Deep Hurt" is elevated to another level by Octo's gift for flipping fleeting, hauntingly familiar vocal samples into glowing, melancholy-tinged late night dancefloor gems:

Octo Octa's Oh Love 12" out June 12 on 100% Silk. Watch a teaser for the 12" here.