You've already heard roughly seven seconds of this one on loop over at their website, and now Purity Ring has unleashed the first full track from their highly anticipated debut full-length Shrines, out this summer on 4AD. "Obedear" is the kind of thick, addictive future-pop gem that Purity Ring has displayed an uncanny knack for producing over the last year or so, as the duo remains a pretty close/natural distillation of just about everything we're into at the moment:

Purity Ring's debut LP Shrines is out 7/24 on 4AD / Last Gang Records. Check the tracklist after the jump...

PURITY RING :: Shrines

01 Crawlersout
02 Fineshrine
03 Ungirthed
04 Amenamy
05 Grandloves
06 Cartographist
07 Belispeak
08 Saltkin
09 Obedear
10 Lofticries
11 Shuck