We were just sent a great new song by Michael Coomer of Harlem, a guy who happens to be one of our favorite songwriters of the last few years (see "Someday Soon," "Gay Human Bones," "South of France," etc.). He has a new "band-ish thing" called Lace Curtains, and "High Fantasy" is the first track he's unveiled from the forthcoming record, the garden of joy and the well of loneliness. Coomers says of the new project:

"i dont have a group or anything just the record. i guess i might entertain playing out later but right now im kinda content not getting into that. harlem isnt broken up in any real way. curtis and i have played music since we were in middle school he even plays guitar on one of the songs on my album. i really like his new band its called grape street. but for now this is what we are up to."

"High Fantasy" was recorded in Brooklyn, featuring Matthew Tong on drums. Still sounds kind of like the soundtrack to kids jumping on the bed playing tennis rackets like guitars, just with more grown-up sentiment ("you were right / i was wrong / i didn't mean to turn your pain into a song.") the garden of joy and the well of loneliness is out soon on Female Fantasy.