It's been two years since we last heard from Fight Bite, the beautifully gauzy dream-pop project of Neon Indian's Leanne Macomber. Leany just sent over the group's new full-length, though, and the collection of dark, hauntingly seductive torch songs was well worth the wait. Soaring lead single "Charlotte Iris" (along with its danceable, album-closing counterpart "Charlotte Pluie") is one of the loveliest, most dramatic things the group has ever done, and we suspect it will revive all of those breathless Cocteau Twins/Julee Cruise/Beach House comparisons from a few years back. Listen to that one + a couple other highlights from the record -- heartbreaking album opener "Catiline" and the eerie, moving "Nancy" -- below, and we also recommend picking up the whole thing over at Fight Bite's Bandcamp (you can also listen to the album in its entirety on Spotify).