Montreal producer CFCF hooks up what is likely the most night bus mix ever assembled -- dude practically invented the genre/feeling -- featuring ASAP Rocky, Oneohtrix Point Never, Fever Ray, Alicia Keys, Cassie, a glorious Elite Gz/Biggie blend + more. Listen / download below, and catch CFCF doing this live at Blizzarts in Montreal on November 10. Tracklist after the jump:



01 wait for me intro (vangelis)
02 this city never sleeps (eurythmics)
03 stranger (jhene aiko)
04 demons/behind the bank (asap rocky/oneohtrix point never)
05 keep the streets empty (fever ray)
06 aventurescence/addiction (beaumont/cassie)
07 here in heaven/one more chance (elite gymnastics/notorious BIG)
08 tongues (d'eon)
09 sappys curry/body count (underworld/meek mill)
10 lowride/unthinkable (autechre/alicia keys)