Moscow musician + visual artist Kate Shilonosova aka Kate NV released her magical new album для FOR earlier this summer on esteemed label RVNG Intl., and we're still exploring each of the record's vibrant, seemingly fathomless "self-contained worlds". Kate tells us, "Every piece from для FOR is like a short story for me," adding, "I always had some kind of a cartoon in my head for each of them."

So we're excited to present a series of beautifully whimsical and vivid illustrated "postcards"* that Kate created, one to match the kind of living, breathing energy radiating from each song on the album, and we're very honored to unveil these playfully evocative visual accompaniments over the next two weeks here on GvsB. Kate explains further:

"I had different characters in my mind— funny bugs, faces, people with long arms and legs, abstract things or objects, some phrases, etc.

So I decided to draw them all, but I really wanted to make a visual connection between the illustrations. And as a huge fan of graphic notations, I decided to put all of the illustrations on a traditional five-line musical staff so everyone could imagine the art a music piece.

They all remind me of postcards. It’s like a collection of ten different postcards, connected together as a part of one story. At the same time, it’s a separate music composition with its own short story."

01 yxo EAR

Kate NV's для FOR is out now on RVNG Intl. Check back daily over the next two weeks for her visual representations of each of the 10 songs.

[*click each illustration for larger image]