Stockholm duo Morabeza Tobacco -- aka Vanilla Stillefors + Gustav Jennefors -- share the final single before releasing their stellar, long-awaited debut LP later this month on Luminelle. Like last year's irresistible chillwave hit "TTYL", the glittery lo-fi throwback "Orinoco" finds the duo in peak nostalgia mode, with Vanilla taking the lead on vocals this time around. Morabeza Tobacco says the song is "about a feeling when you are lost in between fiction and reality," and the group once again demonstrates their magical ability to conjure up that timeless, hazed-out vibe on one of the most wistful and dreamy roller-disco-funk bangers you'll ever hear. Listen and check the on-the-money single cover art by Kajsa Borg below. Morabeza Tobacco is out May 24th.