Montreal duo Audrey Ann Boucher + Kyle Jukka aka She-Devils first emerged onto our radar with their 2015 debut single and video, "Come", an immersive, utterly transfixing and infectious entrée into their strange and magical world, and we were immediately enchanted by their stated intention as a group of "creating impressions that burrow into the heart and imagination."

Today, Audrey says the time has come to "close the circle" on the group, as she shares this recently unearthed lost gem of a mixtape she made back in 2014. It's a super cool, intimate, and at times spooky lo-fi document of the birth of She-Devils, and in retrospect, is a perfectly bittersweet harbinger of the woozy and timeless cinematic pop that was to come. Audrey, who says that we can expect music from both members of She-Devils separately in the near future, tells us about the mixtape, and explains why it was time to move on from the project for now:

Here is a little mixtape that I unwittingly made at the dawn of the wonderfully instructive adventure we called She-Devils. It was recorded throughout the spring of 2014 without any intention but to keep track of my process — everything was recorded on a Sony microcassette recorder that my friend gave me. I did not recall making this until a series of serendipities led me to its excavation this past December.

It is the germ of an idea, the dance of spirit making its way down to earth... In my opinion, there is nothing more appropriate than a beginning to end a book : to come full circle. Closing the circle. We want to say “goodnight!”, but it really is just a “see you in the morning!”, for we do not fear death, we embrace it, make love to it, and create new life. That being said : goodnight, and sweet dreams!