Young Montreal band Pottery are making some big waves these days for a group that, until right this very moment, had zero music online. But after seeing them play two of the most thrillingly visceral and endearingly brash packed-out shows I've experienced all year up in their hometown in the last couple months, I can confidently report back that these dudes are for real. Hard to get a handle on how sick the band is with a solitary mp3, but Pottery's debut single "Hank Williams" is a good start, and a solid intro to their nervy, psychedelic garage-punk/new wave hybrid, which blasts into another stratosphere when experienced live, bringing to mind bits of early Talking Heads, Thee Oh Sees, Devo, 13th Floor Elevators, and maybe the Monks if they wrote tighter songs. Excuse us for getting caught up in the hype, but go see them play and then try to tell us we're wrong. Listen + read what the band has to say about the track below:

"'Hank Williams' was one of the first songs we wrote. We were messing around with a few ideas we had and the song just fell into place naturally. Once we had the bones of the song in place a friend heard it and said it sounded like Hank Williams on speed. We liked that idea, so we ran with it for the lyrics. There ya have it, Hank was born (again)."