The creators of our favorite song of all of last year, Montreal group Men I Trust have already released two of the best songs of 2018, and today they share another stellar new one, taken from their forthcoming LP Oncle Jazz, coming in February 2019. Driven by Jessy's urgent, characteristically grooving bassline, there's a pensive intensity bubbling just below the surface of "Say, can you hear", as Dragos' always dreamy guitar and production billow around Emma's exquisitely wispy vocals, softening the blow of scathing indictments like "Your trial and error / is error and try to fix things that have never been broken".

Despite the sort of contemptuous sentiment and darker tone of the lyrics, this is one of Men I Trust's dreamiest, most danceable jams yet, even as the song fades out to yet another biting evisceration and some particularly harrowing visuals. Video directed by Men I Trust, as always. The group will embark on a massive world tour starting early next year, find those dates below: