Earlier this month, we shared the beautiful debut single from Maybe Babs, the new solo project of former Vogue Dots member Babette Hayward. If you thought that song tugged at the heartstrings, you might not be emotionally prepared for this new one. Hayward tells us that "Simple Life" is, "a story of a long lost friend who vanished from her life but still exists somewhere else," and Hayward's hushed vocals and heartfelt, vividly evocative storytelling -- joined by that mournful pedal steel -- radiate an aching uncertainty and palpable sorrow that make this one a fitting lament for such a heartbreaking loss. Hayward continues, "It’s about losing a part of yourself without warning and spending the years after searching places and faces for this missing piece." Listen via the lyric video below, and download the song on Maybe Babs' bandcamp.