We're very psyched to announce that L.A.-based duo Magdalena Bay has joined the Luminelle Recordings family. As I've alluded to at least a few times recently, the group is everything I love about pop music: playful, adventurous, fun, prolific, with a DIY spirit and shockingly good songs that are emotional and catchy af. Mica Tenenbaum + Matthew Lewin are incredibly talented and have a genuine love and reverence for pop music — from Madonna, the Spice Girls, Gwen, & Britney to Grimes, Charli, & Carly Rae — and we couldn't be any more thrilled to be working with them. Check the video for Mag Bae’s new retrowave cyber ballad "Mine" below, and pre-order the duo's irresistible mini-mix vol. 1 mixtape here.