Jana Hunter and Lower Dens are back with a rousing new jam, featuring arguably one of the best -- and certainly one of the timeliest -- choruses of the year. "Young Republicans" is taken from the group's forthcoming album The Competition, out September 6th on Ribbon Music. They had this to say about the track and the Raul Gonzo-directed vid:

"So much horror and misery in our society has its roots in the actions of wealthy, endlessly privileged people who can not sate themselves. It’s funny to me in a sick kind of way that they’ve co-opted the language of victims, and somehow believe themselves violated by others’ desire to be let alone and live in peace.

There’s no metaphor more accurate for how the rest of us are ravaged by wealthy conservatives (here represented by the national organization for their smug young) than that of cannibalization. Everything that makes us human is, for them, their resource to consume. We are so numbed against the pain of it that if we do not fight every minute of our lives, and maybe even if we do, we are devoured.

There’s a deeply personal element to this song in that I was born a trans kid in a poor conservative family. I can trace the outline of my anger along the edge of weaponized desperation that is manufactured en masse by wealthy conservatives.

I am really excited about this video. Raul Gonzo saw what the song meant right away, got its “politics”, got its humor, and translated it into this strange, wicked, hilarious, beautiful narrative little piece of film better than I could’ve possibly hoped. I like that it’s so funny. I have to laugh at shit like this or I lose my mind."