If you missed his Twitch livestream premiere earlier this week, you can now listen to the excellent new LP from Nicolas Jaar in all of its intoxicating glory. The hazy, deeply meditative, ambient-leaning vibes on Cenizas (definitely putting the sublime "Garden" on vol. II of our mix) exist in stark and welcome contrast to his also sick A.A.L. album that came out last month. Jaar says of the new record:

"I want this music to heal and help in thinking through difficult questions about one’s self, and one’s relationship to the state of things. We are living in a time of complete transformation, a metamorphosis— and the transformations are happening within as well. There is potential for great healing and great destruction...In a way, the music goes 'both directions at once', to quote the John Coltrane record."

Jaar goes on to say that Coltrane's 1964 album Crescent, "was a guiding light and reference in the beginning of this new period." Stream Cenizas below + buy it here.


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