Eliza Bagg aka Lisel shares her first transmission since her dazzling 2019 debut LP Angels on the Slope, and it's a face-melting glimpse into the future. The two tracks on Lisel's new double a-side single were a collaboration with Ben Babbitt, who co-wrote most of the songs on Angel Olsen's incredible All Mirrors, and they're both absolutely magical/mystical, next-level apocalyptic pop bangers. Lisel calls the new single, "my favorite thing I’ve ever made in the whole wide world," adding that the single is about "the anxietyeuphoria of living in our crumbling world." As our fellow Lisel fans at Stereogum so aptly put it, "In summary, this release slaps. Hard." Specters / Rabbit Rabbit is out today on Luminelle; dive into the beautiful abyss below:

photo: Gregory Wikstrom