"'Born Again' skitters with lo-fi drama while simultaneously delivering a crisp neon 80s vibe that would fit perfectly in a slow motion montage of lovers driving down the 10W at sunset in an imaginary John Hughes/Michael Mann movie." -- KCRW

"...chillwave Sade" -- the Guardian

We're psyched and honored to announce that Diana's first physical release for their brilliant, twilit pop single "Born Again" is finally available on limited 12" (that's the possibly suggestive Laurie Kang-designed cover art above, and some copies are pressed on cool mint green wax) from Forest Family, with this beautifully disjointed, head-spinning remix from their homie Doldrums gracing the b-side. Pick up the Born Again 12" here in the States or here in the UK before they're gone, and stay tuned for the band's next-level LP due later this year. More info right here.