Lisel's beautiful debut LP Angels on the Slope is officially out today on Luminelle, and to celebrate the occasion, we've asked her to run things here on GvsB for the day. She starts her takeover with the debut of her new music video by artist Ilana Harris-Babou; check that below, pick up Lisel's new record on limited "statue marble" colored vinyl here, and follow along with all of her posts throughout the day right here...

My friend and visual artist Ilana Harris-Babou made this idiosyncratic video for my song Digital Light Field. The video is into displaying how it’s being made and the tools used to create the images — the green screen, the 3D animations, the cut outs of images from some Medieval tapestries. Instead of trying to conceal that process from the viewer it shows us we’re in a reality of our own devising.

I love how it came together because it feels aligned with things I was thinking about when making the album: embracing graceless-ness, inconsistencies, limitations, flaws, digital-ness in sounds/images. Ilana and I are both interested in our relationships with our tools and the resulting humanness and vulnerability generated by our interactions with them.

Artist Ilana Harris-Babou's work is currently featured in the 2019 Whitney Biennial. -- Lisel