I worked very intimately with visual artist Devra Freelander on a series of videos for this “Angels on the Slope”. Primarily a sculptor, Devra worked with photographer Gregory Wikstrom to create video of her sculptures using changing light colors and sources. Over the course of a few months, she made videos for every song on my album that are linked closely with the music — each song has its own distinct landscape that she built out of her physical sculptures, which gives the videos a material, tactile feeling of actual place. I currently perform my music live in front of these landscapes, and her work is integrated fully into my live set.

here are all the videos:

Devra passed away in a bicycle accident earlier in July. I am truly lucky to been able to work so closely with her, and I can’t overstate the originality of spirit, sensitivity, devotion, and beauty she brought to this process. I have been granted a great gift from her and will share the work we made together with the world as we intended, with overwhelming gratitude and love for everything that Devra was as an artist and person. -- Lisel