Kelly Lee Owens follows up her incredible 2017 self-titled debut full-length -- easily one of our favorite albums of the last few years -- with the lead single from her new LP Inner Song, coming this spring on Smalltown Supersound. "Melt!" is a fathomless, flickering techno banger that addresses the ominous urgency of climate change through the use of samples of "melting glacial ice and people skating on thin ice." KLO says of the track, "I wanted to create something that sounded hard but with organic samples," adding, "I felt those were great representations of what's happening in the world, that every moment you're breathing and sleeping, this is taking place.” Listen below via the entrancing visuals from​ ​Lanéya Billingsley ​(aka ​Billie0cean​). Inner Song is out on triple-sided vinyl on May 1st.

KLOAlbum cover

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