We're psyched to welcome one of our favorite new artists, Kedr Livanskiy, for a little two-part takeover here on the site today, featuring some of the music and films from Russia that informed her unique sound growing up in the post-Soviet '90s. In part I, Kedr shares some of her favorite Russian pop music vids from the decade, and it's a glimpse into an amazing alternate universe TRL, featuring vids with youtube descriptions like "Russian Pam Anderson video", "virus you do not look" and "THIS IS MY CHILDHOOD" (via google translate).

The sounds and visuals contained within Kedr's selections ultimately aren't that different from the American version of MTV that existed in that era, and they manage to both reinforce and totally belie the mystique of Russia's concrete brutalism and what may appear to outsiders as an austere and sort of bleak culture. The influence some of these vids had on the distinct visual aesthetic of her own hypnotically beautiful videos is also clear. Kedr Livanskiy's incredible January Sun 12" is out now on 2MR.