Tiga is a bit of a towering mythical figure in Montreal, in part due to his amazing larger than life persona but also because pretty much every facet of the local nightlife owes something to him. He's run an essential record store, venues, still operates a label (Turbo) and has come down to earth to play great sets and educate people (myself amongst them) on the delights of freak nightlife and dance music.

His new single is completely ridiculous and I love it. I played a b2b set with him in late May (you can stream that here btw) and he mentioned he was about to play a new track of his called 'Woke'. When the acid synth line hit my neck snapped, when the lyrics kicked I fell to the floor and when the ludicrous sax solo came in I ascended to another plane.

This is dance music at its most fun and banging, a great remedy for all the entirely too self-serious chin scratcher club music out there. -- Jacques Greene