Julia, Hallie and Jess from Mom+Pop: they work and party hard. Perfect match since the beginning.

Nick Holroyd: Our booking agent in Europe. This is a tattoo he got a few moths ago, so you can imagine everything we have to say about him. VIVA NICK! <3 oh! and he makes really funny collages!

Fiona Campbell: Tour manager in America: She was the first girl we ever worked with, she's the coolest person in the world and the funniest to be stoned with.

Callum Read: Tour manager in Europe: We met him when he was doing his first tour with another band, we asked him if he could work with us, we skyped once, and after a few months touring he bought the most amazing van. And he's even more amazing than the van cause HE'S THE MOST AMAZING DUDE OF THE PLANET.

Gus: best friend and tour manager in Spain. He was gonna quit studying so we took the chance to make him drive us every tour in Spain. Now he's working for our management and started getting payed a few weeks ago!! we even have a hashtag for him, and it's #forevergus

Lucky Number Music: these is our label in europe. they liked us since the first week we put our DEMO in bandcamp. they flew to madrid to watch our first ever gig and we've been signing everything we've been putting out with them since then

Joan Vich: THE GREAT MANAGEEEERRR, his glasses are huge and his mustache too. we only can say that he's the best manager we could ever have.

Darjeeling: Callum's van. It has a bed and tvs to watch movies. One of the first ones we watched in it was The Darjeeling Limited. Now we call it Darjee and it's a girl van.