we spend so many hours in the van, airports, stations and queues that we had to find things to do. mostly all of these times we have no wifi so we cannot work, so we just love to play games and these are the ones we like playing to:

- what would you prefer // would you rather...?
our favourite ones: would you prefer having three tits or three eyes? having to kick a puppy or your mum? that your favourite album in the world was the only music you would listen to oooor that that same record didnt exit? being chased by 3 hyenas or by a hundred crazy cats?

- discover this song
you have to sing a song in a very different way to the real one. you have to invent a new melody for it and make it hard so the rest has to find out which song you are talking about. try it, its reeeeally funny.

- play the bands
it´s like play the movies but imitating people from bands instead of characters of movies. you really gotta have seen a lot of bands for this one hahah.

- how much would you pay?
we suffer a lot on tour so whenever we feel like shit we play this game where you have to say how much you would pay for: not having connecting flights and going straight to madrid // a foot massage // someone carrying our gear // somebody do those interviews for me please // nuggets in my mouth // my whole suitcase clean and dry right now... long long etc…