as we did all our music videos since the very beginning except for garden we thought it could be interesting to tell you guys how they all happened. this will go in chronologic order:


when we put the first two songs to the internet, we were only two (carlotta and ana), and we put them out even before having promo pictures. everybody was freaking out with the fact that we were spanish so we decided to do a simple music video where you could only see us two in madrid. we didn't know how long it was gonna take, and we were going to Primavera Sound festival the day after so we had to shoot videos from the way, and while we were there. that's why you can see Ade and some other friends that where there too. we thought that the first music video a band has to have is something like this, like hey!! this is us!! so it's exactly what we did hahah.

Trippy Gum:

this song is about a night we spent in madrid in 2010 i think. carlotta and ana, we were working for a pub giving flyers in the street in the night. when we fininshed work at 4am, the boss was incredibly happy because we made a lot of people go, so he gave us like 10 free drinks, and the bar was closing two hours later. you can imagine how that night ended... the thing is that for this music video we wanted to recreate that night, and we kind of did, but the takes where so so boring and so lame that we went to carlotta's father's cinema school (without his permission hehe), with our friend Alex Delucas (from The Parrots), and he shot the most random things we could think about, using everything that was there. we wanted it to be more fun than bamboo, like growing the seed of our sense of humor or something like that haha

Castigadas en el Granero:

finally the four of us in a music video!!! we wanted to be playing for this music video, but it was so early in our band-career that we didn't even know how to move with an instrument on us haha. we also liked the idea of puting ourselves men's names, because we already felt some sexism in this world and we wanted to say heeeeeey what if i was brendon, would you like my music???? haha

Chili Town:

this is the most extreme situation for a music video we've been in. actually, we are always late and have to rush for the music video, that's why we do them all and carlotta edits them afterwards, becase we know she is the fastest one, she does a great job and she knows exactly what we want hahh

so we were the night before shooting this in ade's place, in july, with a couple of friends and our manager. we were brainstorming about having a chicken, shooting it on a boat, having Jeeps or something, going to the mountains and blablabla at midnight we realized non of those ideas could happen with so little advance, and being on our own plus we only had one day to shoot it bcause, as always, we were starting a tour the day after.

so we decided that if rappers can do videos where they are just hanging with friends, we could too. we went to ana's hood, and spend there the afternoon. this is the video that made us think it would be cool just to use a bench (plus of course, it's the cheapest idea ever and we are so poor man)


ahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! finnaaaally we had someone to think about our music videos!!!! we saw a video from this guy, Pedro Martin Calero and it totally blew our minds. we were lucky that he had three days off in madrid, and that he liked our band. we only asked for the chicken.

San Diego:

this was obviously also directed by us and edited by carlotta. our label told us we had a budget to shoot a good music video, so we accepted a bunch of treatments for this song, but none of them seemed right. most of them didnt even had a message, and were mainly based on being a girl-gang. (which is nothing new for us haha) so it didnt seem right to us to spend money on something we didn't even like. we had been recording "a summer with us 2" (here is the first one) so we had a lot of shooting from us touring, and carlotta edited this is less than two days (she is my hero)