It's been almost two years since Madrid's Ana Perrote + Carlotta Cosials started Hinds (fka Deers), and after releasing a handful of infectious, perfectly ramshackle singles, adding two new members (Ade Martin on bass and Amber Grimbergen on drums), becoming the stars of their own video game, and playing roughly a million shows all over the world (including a couple of the most vibrant and purely enjoyable shows we've ever witnessed), the group's debut full-length has finally arrived. The band follows up the homemade "god, finally a demo" video that started it all back in 2014 with an equally endearing and inspiring little document, capturing the making of their first album:

"So its funny to watch this even for us because you can tell that nothing has changed since we started. pajamas and smiles are the same, just maybe our eyes look a bit more tired than before. But this is how we wrote our first album. With a lot of blood and sangria in between 133 gigs during 2015. lonely but satisfied rock and roll soldiers."

Leave Me Alone is out today, and it rules.