Helena Deland shares the haunting new video for "Take It All", one of the highlights from her latest 12" From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. I & II, out now on Luminelle Recordings. The video, which premiered today on Highsnobiety, features Helena performing an ambiguous but definitely very dark ritual with an "emotionally absent" lover, who I'm pretty sure is dead. Helena talks about how director Mégane Voghell brought the song's emotional concept to life with her beautifully eerie imagery:

"Mégane was given carte blanche for this video, which I'm extremely happy with. The imagery is both very strong and very open, allowing diverse and personal interpretations. To me, it really translates an eerie and overall sad concept of togetherness. I can't help but associate the memory foam with mental space: my character is performing a ritual on a physically present but emotionally absent lover, dealing with the intensity of it by herself."