While the four volumes of Helena Deland's From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" do not technically constitute a full-length album -- Helena says that the songs are "to be considered as their own little things," adding, "They are part of something larger, yes, but they live on their own" -- enough time spent with the series reveals an elegance and understated dignity in the way Helena approaches relationships (romantic, familial, and otherwise) that inextricably links these songs to one another. From her stunning earlier singles "There Are a Thousand" and "Take It All", to the subtle majesty of songs like "Claudion" and "A Stone is a Stone", Helena conveys the emotional gravity of her own personal relationships in a way feels universal and relatable, but also intensely personal and intimate. This holds true on the devastating new ballad "Rise", a song that the Line of Best Fit says "captures a moment of cinematic intensity that has a sense of grandeur and spectacle but is also profoundly human." Sink in to "Rise" below. From the Series of Songs "Altogether Unaccompanied" Vol. III & IV is out October 19th on Luminelle.