We're excited to introduce the newest addition to the esteemed Kranky roster (home to such luminaries as Grouper and Benoit Pioulard, among others), a reclusive and enigmatic new Swedish artist from Stockholm named Irma Orm, aka Demen. She creates in solitude these beautifully glacial otherworldly elegies -- the label calls them "hermetic gothic swan songs" -- that haunt and disquiet on a visceral level, ranging in tone from hypnagogic, almost surreal romantic Lynchian horror vibes ("Ambur") and hushed, eerie lullabies ("Mea") to the mournful, chasmic darkness of the album's tone-setting opening track that she's sharing today. Demen's monolithic debut full-length Nektyr is out in May. Listen to "Niorum" below, and pre-order the record on bandcamp.