Norway's seemingly unstoppable stream of entrancing and intriguingly off-kilter dance-pop continues (see: Smerz, Sassy 009, Das Body, Anna of the North, etc.) with the promising debut single from Oslo newcomer Othalie Husøy, aka Otha. The ethereal "One of the Girls", which Otha tells us was recorded in Vancouver and is "basically about being the boss of your own life", is trance-inducing club music for introverts, a pulsing, hands-in-the-air big-room anthem with a bedroom-pop heart. Otha repeats her eerie, calm-but-assertive vocal refrains until they feel like empowering mantras for the dancefloor -- "move your feet out to the open space", "let your thoughts run free, please don't think about it", "we're just some of the other girls", etc. -- as the song swirls and soars into its cathartic climax. Listen below + download the song on Otha's bandcamp.