We premiered the opening track from S U R V I V E's epic forthcoming record RR7349 a little over a month ago, just as the massive Stranger Things wave was beginning to crest, introducing the Austin analog synth geniuses to legions of new fans who were obsessed with the show's brilliant "secret weapon" original score by the group's Kyle Dixon + Michael Stein. Today, S U R V I V E drops RR7349's formidably towering new single "Wardenclyffe", a vividly warped and suspenseful journey that establishes itself as the record's cinematic centerpiece from that ominously lurching intro (get it on iTunes here). RR7349 is out September 30th on Relapse. Grab it on vinyl at S U R V I V E's bandcamp, or pick it up on limited chrome cassette from Holodeck.