"When kids are jumping on the bed playing tennis rackets like guitars. We are the music that is playing in their brains."--Harlem, on Harlem


It's been a minute since I felt compelled to talk about a new Austin band, but I'm really digging what I've heard from Harlem and their limited debut LP, free drugs;-). These dudes bust some super infectious, instantly endearing throwback garage-pop in the vein of the Black Lips, Strange Boys, and other assorted In The Red bands, but their own description of their sound (see above) couldn't be more perfect. The duo starts their U.S. tour tonight in Austin (Denton house party tomorrow night!), so go see 'em and grab a copy of their record before that thing sells out and ends up going for some absurd $$ on ebay.

(mp3 via austin sound)




Some rad new stills from the film adaptation of Cormac McCarthy's The Road surfaced here last week. As a huge fan of the book, I was a lot skeptical that the film would succeed in capturing McCarthy's impossibly bleak post-apocalyptic imagery, but based on these new shots, looks like they might've nailed it.