We're heading to Austin tomorrow for the ACL Music Festival, as well as a couple tapings of the ACL TV show (Sufjan, Jack White, and Cat Power, oh my). Anyway, we got to thinking, "Goddamn, Austin is awesome." I know I post on an Austin band seemingly every other day, but I honestly feel like Austin's current independent music scene is better than any other in the U.S. (for sure), and possibly the world.

Don't take my word for it though: I've compiled 20 of my favorite songs from some of the best lesser-known Austin bands (no Spoon, Voxtrot, Sound Team, Black Angels, Explosions in the Sky, Trail of Dead, etc. on this one) that I think might convince you. Thanks to Garrison Reid for the great cover art:

gorilla vs. bear's Austin mixtape .zip (95 mb)

Here's the track list, with the individual mp3 files, if you prefer:

1. White Denim Let's Talk About It
2. Maya Bond Cute Papa
3. Belaire Through The Wire (Kanye West cover)
4. The Early Tapes Betty & Thomas
5. Jana Hunter A Bright Ass Light
6. Bill Baird Dear Friend (Collapsing Dominoes)
7. Sparrow House When I Am Gone
8. Peter & The Wolf The Fall
9. The Black Wasn't It A Good Year
10. Zykos Keep It Light
11. Martin Crane On An Evening
12. Mark David Ashworth eggslkjgdfasdlevel
13. Tacks, The Boy Disaster Paris
14. Ola Podrida Jordanna
15. Brothers and Sisters Going South
16. Pink Nasty What the Fuck
17. Yellow Fever Donovan
18. The Octopus Project Spiracle
19. Jracula Carpopolis
20. Ghostland Observatory Silver City

Okay, I'll admit, being from Texas, I may be a bit biased. I'd love to hear what cities you guys think have music scenes as good as or better than Austin's...