We've hooked up once again with our friends at The Impossible Project to give away some of what is perhaps their coolest film yet: the Nigo Edition PX 70 Color Shade.

Nigo leads a colorful life, so the PX 70 Color Shade by Nigo Film Edition not only features our latest Color Shade film formula, but also varying colorful frames - yellow, orange, red, pink, lilac, dark blue, light blue, green, black and white featuring the logo of Nigo - ®.

One film pack contains eight images as usual, and the occurrence of the colors varies randomly in each pack.
The relatively high film speed allows for usage in Polaroid SX-70s as well as 600 cameras; for optimized results please experiment with the lighten darken wheel.

Only 1500 packs available in the U.S. -- they're almost gone aleady -- and we've got two of them to give away to two winners here. To enter, just leave your name in the comments below and like The Impossible Project + Gorilla vs. Bear on Facebook. We'll also throw in one of these (the shirt) for each winner:

Check some more stunning examples of images shot on the Impossible Project Nigo Edition PX 70 Color Shade film after the jump...