Hamilton, Ontario's Linnea Siggelkow aka Ellis announces her Jake Aron-produced debut LP Born Again, with the lovely Habon Jibril-directed video for the album's lead single. Ellis says of the dreamy, poignant meditation on her own experience with anxiety, "fall apart":

"This is really just an honest reflection of my struggle with anxiety and how I can’t hide it from the people closest to me. It’s about the feeling the first time someone you admire sees you in your most vulnerable state, about putting in the work to get better but still having moments of weakness. My anxiety comes over me like a tidal wave, and it feels like I am spiraling out of control. I am finding better and healthier ways to cope, to talk myself down when I can feel myself starting to fall, but it still happens sometimes even though I wish that it didn’t."

Born Again is out April 3rd on Fat Possum.